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Segway Personal Transporter: the best improvement in traffic and also a great fun!

The Segway is the first intelligent, self-balancing vehicle that was designed to take you anywhere where you would normally walk. It improves mobility at an amazing scale allowing you to go faster and to carry a considerable load, while keeping the precisity of the movements of a normal walking person. And in the same time it so much fun, you will never get bored of anything that you do on Segway. It is ideal for commuting, for shopping, for a lot of proffesional tasks, for sightseeing, and even for people with restricted mobility, who have difficulty of walking.

How does it work?
The most astonishing characteristic of the Segway is that it can keep the wertical position without the need of balancing even if it has only two wheels. This is really space technology incorporated in these machines, only you don't even notice that, because it is so easy to ride. It has two computer boards, plenty of different sensors, and five laser gyroscopes, which all together correct the balance more than 100 times per second. The control is also revolutinary: you don't have any gas, or break, you just use the positioning of your body to go forward or backwards. The sensors and gyroscopes are 'feeling' if you lean forward or backward and the computres just roll the wheels in the appripriate direction, so that the machine always stays underneath you. For the safety everything is also doubled in the Segway, so you won't fall even if one unit goes wrong. These machines need almost no maintenance at all, are almost undestructibles, and can be charged anywhere. The control is so intuitive, that everyone can learn in a few minutes, and after a half an hour you fell like you always did that in your life!

The Segway is very fast, extremely versatile and cheap way of transportation.
It is ideal for downtown traffic, for large area workplaces, for policeman and security guards, for special events, and even for carrying advertisements.